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Coach Education

This education section is for all Glasgow City coaches to use as a coach development tool. The curriculum is used as template for coaches to plan, deliver and reflect on coaching sessions. 


The Glasgow City Way




Age: 5-11 Years

The Junior Curriculum has been specifically created to maximize engagement in the foundation stage of practice. All sessions have been designed with small sided games intention and providing fun opportunities to improve through matchplay.


Age: 12-18 Years

The Senior Curriculum develops a deeper understanding of more complex topics and themes age appropriate to the development/competitive phase of practice. Coaching points focus are more delivered from a tactical perspective.

Block 1

Block 1 delivers lots of key components within the building phase (On Possession) and last ditch defending in the final third (Out Possession). Everything delivered within this phase will be relatable to the building area of the field. Encourage this within the small sided and conditioned games. Encourage positive behaviors and for players to be comfortable in receiving the ball in the building phase.

Block 2

Block 2 has 8 weeks of different topics designed around the midfield area of the field. In particular this is known as the creation phase with players looking to play through opponents and create space and chances for teammates. There is a large focus on creativity within block 2 and players to 'make things happen'. All practices and games within this phase create opportunities for players to make positive decisions and work on progressive possession through the thirds.

Block 3

The final block of the junior curriculum focuses in the final third. Everything will relate to end product and decisions making to score. This phase provides the maximum opportunity to score goals and learn the skills and techniques that will help this within the game. 


In both curriculums, additional resources are added to help put full sessions together with warm ups and additional attack v defense games. These additional resources can be used to help aid session delivery.

Junior Curriculum

The junior curriculum shows best practice sessions for Glasgow City coaches in the U6-U12 Age Groups. There are 2 sessions each theme that should work along the U6-U12 age spectrum. Coaches are encouraged to plan and deliver these sessions to suit their individual players needs. The key within this age band is to increase lots of opportunities for decisions making, introduction to key themes and topics and encourage learning through a holistic and fun games based approach. All practices are delivered in such a way to maximize engagement and movement and less line based. 

Glasgow City Junior Curriculum.png
Glasgow City Senior Curriculum.png

Senior Curriculum

The senior curriculum looks at developing sessions in more depth and a greater tactical understanding. The sessions are more detailed, complex and offer coaching points that will help a more psychosocial approach to player development. Within the senior curriculum there is more complex themes that coaches are expected to deliver. Within game context there is now more an emphasis on tactical coaching.

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