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This Ebook focuses on Attacking sessions within the foundation, development and competitive phase of practice. These sessions are designed to develop speed of play, ball control and decision making. This book consists of 40 sessions including such themes as:



  • 17x Sessions
  • Receiving
  • First Touch 
  • Dominating 1v1 



  • 10x Sessions 
  • Wide Play 
  • Final 3rd 
  • Build Up



  • 13x Sessions 
  • Transition Practices 
  • Attacking in Wide Areas 
  • Rotation/Combination Build Up


All sessions are supported with a breakdown of key areas of the pitch, objectives of the session, how to set up, with relevent progressions, adaptations, coaching points and supporting notes. 


* This product is the Ebook version only. It can be printed and used for on field practice.


Disclaimer: Our ebooks are developed to be easily accesible for coaches. Therefore, each file have unique access codes for monitioring purposes to help prodect the compatiblity of the books. Therefore, any customers who purchase this product and share this product (unauthorized) will be liable for all future sales. 

40 Attacking Football Sessions (Ebook)

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