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This coaches LITE session planner (Ebook) is perfect for coaches who are looking to plan and design sessions from a week to week basis. The Lite Session Planner has over 100 pages of content and consists of some featured training templates from the Premier Planner. This planner focuses more on the session design itself, without all the added weekly plan detail. This consists of:


  • Warm Up (2 Pitches with Notes)
  • Main Practice Plans (3 Pitches with Notes)
  • Shaping Practice Plan (large Goal with Notes)
  • Training Notes (Supplementary Information)
  • Additional Sketches


Plan, design and deliver detailed coaching sessions with this Lite Session Planner!


* This product is the Ebook version only. It can be printed and used for on field practice.


Disclaimer: Our ebooks are developed to be easily accesible for coaches. Therefore, each file have unique access codes for monitioring purposes to help prodect the compatiblity of the books. Therefore, any customers who purchase this product and share this product (unauthorized) will be liable for all future sales. 


Coaches Lite Session Planner (Ebook)

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